Circular Materials, Improved Design: What’s New In Our Big Table System

At De Vorm, we believe in continuity of the design process, bringing the latest knowledge to both new and existing designs. To make sure our all-time-favourite table system stands the test of time, we are proud to introduce the new generation of Big - lighter, more sustainable and with even more custom options.

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Circular aluminium

By choosing forward-looking materials and unconventional techniques, we commit to minimise waste in every way possible. Regular revising and updating our designs is imperative to this process.

The frame of the Big tables is made of aluminium, a durable material that can be completely recycled after a long lifespan. With the new version, we take a step further by switching to one of the most circular types of aluminium with more than 75% of recycled content. All aluminium used in the Big tables is produced locally with renewable energy sources, saving up to 95% energy compared to the production of primary aluminium. Moreover, circular aluminium meets the same quality standards, assured by the certifying bodies of the industry.

Optimised frame

In our design process, smart material choices go hand in hand with efficient production. Looking for ways to optimise the design of the Big tables, we have developed a new frame with 30% less raw material. On a yearly basis, the material savings we achieve with the Big frames alone amount to 57 tons of CO2 or:

・ 330.600 km of driving a diesel car or more than 8 trips around the world 
・ 456 return trips from Amsterdam to London
・ 6.933.631 of smartphone charges
・ 132 barrels of oil

Although lighter, the frame remained just as strong, stable and therefore suitable for extensive table sizes - up to 10 meters long and 2 meters wide. It also made tables easier to assemble, thanks to fewer parts and a simplified connection method.

New custom options and add-ons

The standard frame and legs of the Big table are made from anodised aluminum, offering a universal metallic appearance and outstanding impact resistance. You can always go for a custom RAL colour, or switch to steel or wooden legs. We have also added 5 standard cable cubbies with various options for electricity and data units.

The new versions of Big Modular Table System and Big Round Modular Table System are available to order. Get in touch if you would like to know more about our updated table system, the materials we use or custom options we offer.

De Vorm - Frame - Big Modular Table System

De Vorm - Big Modular Table System - 74cm -v3-hero-closeup