The Story Behind Fost Acoustic Lamp

The latest addition to the PET Felt collection of De Vorm, Fost Acoustic Lamp combines unique aesthetics and extensive functionality. 

De Vorm Fost PET Felt Acoustic Lamp 00008

Stretching the limits of PET Felt

Fost Lamp affirms the ultimate versatility of PET Felt material. Pressed from a sheet of felt, its lampshade has a generous dome shape. The substantial volume, much needed for a sound-absorbing lamp, is well-balanced with soft texture and a refined ribbed pattern. Enveloping the lampshade from the top, the ribs serve both aesthetic and functional purposes.

“Like with the rest of our PET Felt products, we wanted to use the 3D pressing technique to produce the lampshade. However, when pressing a dome shape out of a flat blanket, you need to find a solution for the build-up of the material so that no wrinkles appear on the surface."

Daniël van Paesschen, Product Designer at De Vorm 

Evenly spaced ribs create extra room for the material to escape, ensuring that the moulded lampshade has an equal and smooth surface. Besides granting Fost its unique appearance, they also add sturdiness to the lampshade.

De Vorm Fost PET Felt Acoustic Lamp 00010Inside and outside

While the outer shell dictates a bold visual identity, the inner surface is soft and delicate. To accentuate the sensation of calmness, we used a white fabric on the inside of the lamp and embedded a spheric LED module in it. The fabric gets illuminated and gently disperses the light down.

“The way the light source stretches the textile resembles the visual representation of how heavy objects stretch the Fabric Of SpaceTime - hence the name “Fost”. The fabric becomes one with the light source, connecting the inside with the outer shell. At the same time, the white surface makes the contrast between the inside and the outside more apparent.”

Daniël van Paesschen, Product Designer at De Vorm 

De Vorm Fost PET Felt Acoustic Lamp 00007Duotone

Colour is defining for the appearance of our PET Felt products, and Fost is no exception. Available in 11 unique blends, it will work equally well in any setting. Architects can use contrasting colours to create a statement piece, or let the lamp blend in with the rest of the interior. The duotone between the inside and the outside draws attention to the lamp, inviting to sit down under its enveloping dome.

Fost will never go unnoticed, but it won’t make people feel exposed. With its soft appearance, gentle glow and acoustic comfort, the lamp will bring a cosy and inviting atmosphere to any space.

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