New In: Fine Texture Finish

Now available for our collection, fine-texture coating offers a smooth appearance and outstanding tactility.

De Vorm _Fine Texture_05_1We have added the exclusive custom option for the powder-coated elements of our products. Fine texture finish delivers excellent appearance and functional performance, meeting the highest quality standards. Its distinctive smooth texture and tactility will be a great addition to the chair frames and table legs, making them last a long time. In addition to aesthetic value, fine texture conceals imperfections and improves the scratch resistance of the surface. 

Available in 12 colours

We have made a special selection of RAL colours, matching perfectly with the PET Felt palette of De Vorm. Combining them with PET Felt blends, you can create elegant ton-sur-ton looks or contrasting duotone appearances.

de-vorm-hale-chair-PS01-PP-16Fine texture is currently available in the following colours, chosen ton-sur-ton for each PET Felt blend:

- RAL 1012 (Yellow PET Felt)
- RAL 3005 (Pink PET Felt)
- RAL 5008 (Marine PET Felt)
- RAL 5020 (Turquoise PET Felt)
- RAL 6007 (Dark Green PET Felt)
- RAL 6020 (Green PET Felt)
- RAL 7015 (Dark Grey PET Felt)
- RAL 7033 (Olive PET Felt)
- RAL 7044 (Beige PET Felt)
- RAL 7045 (Light Grey PET Felt)
- RAL 8014 (Brown PET Felt)
- RAL 9011 (Graphite Black)

Curious to learn more about the design possibilities with fine texture finish? We are here to help, get in touch

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