Meet the designer behind Split Lighting Series: Jens Fager

Dive into the design world with Jens Fager, the designer behind our Split Lighting Series. In a quick yet captivating video, Jens reveals the story behind our latest lighting collection.


Versatile design

Jens Fager's first collaboration with De Vorm has resulted in the innovative Split Lighting Series. This series features a simple yet versatile module that functions beautifully as a standalone pendant lamp. The design incorporates an intuitive screw ring mechanism, allowing for easy assembly of various glass shapes. This system consists of a lower ring, a glass shade, and a top module, all of which come together securely, ensuring both ease of use and durability. The simplicity and adaptability of this design highlight Fager's commitment to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions.

Thoughtful aesthetics and functionality 

The Split Lighting Series stands out due to its thoughtful design elements that add both character and functionality. The curvature at the top and the cooling cut-outs not only enhance the lamp's visual appeal but also provide practical benefits. When suspended above a table, the lamp emits a warm, cozy uplight through the cut-outs, while also directing light downward. This dual lighting effect creates an inviting atmosphere, demonstrating how Fager's design seamlessly blends form and function. The lamp's subtle allure invites closer inspection, revealing the meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of its construction.

Collaborative innovation and longevity 

Fager's collaboration with De Vorm has been a transformative experience, pushing him to rethink and simplify his design approach. The use of zinc alloy in the Split Series ensures efficient, high-quality production, embodying a rational and streamlined manufacturing process. This partnership is not just about creating innovative products but also about working with passionate individuals who share a drive for excellence. The chemistry and shared vision between Fager and the De Vorm team have resulted in a timeless design that promises longevity.