Introducing Twist Series, Playful and Functional Stools for Flexible Seating

Explore Twist, our latest series of stools designed for every situation that requires flexible seating.

De Vorm introduces Twist stools

Designed for flexibility

Twist was made to meet the needs for occasional seating in social spaces, such as bars, restaurants, and schools. Experimenting with design and materials, we have found an optimal correlation between the lightness and stability to make the stools suitable for intensive use in various configurations. Thanks to their lightweight design and double-sided grip, the stools can be stacked when extra space is needed, and easily moved around to change the setting on demand.

“The name of the series appeared from its stackable design. The double-sided tubular support incorporated into the frame requires to “twist” the stool by 90 degrees in order to stack it up. This way, we have added extra stability to the stack, while keeping it lightweight and easy to move around.”

During stacking, the seat rests on the two tubes, ensuring stability and equal distribution of weight with every stool added on the top. These tubes can also be used as a grip to lift the stools or as a storage to hide the jacket under your seat.

De Vorm introduces Twist stools

Functional stools with a playful twist

Twist combines versatile functionality with a friendly and inviting appearance. The tubular steel frame adds a notion of lightness, while the subtle curvature of the PET Felt seat offers proper seating comfort.

“In the production of Twist, we have used PET Felt pressing technique that was once developed for the Hale series. This way, we have managed to create double curvature and different densities of the seat that perfectly fits the frame on one side, and is optimal for the human body on another side.”

Consisting of only two elements, the stools offer surprisingly many design possibilities. Twist comes in three standard heights, suitable for flexible use at desks, counters and bars. The PET Felt seat is available in 11 blends of our collection, while the frame can be customised in a RAL colour of your choice. For an extra notion of comfort, we also offer the possibility to add seat upholstery in a wide range of fabrics. No matter what you choose, Twist will become your versatile and practical companion for any setting - from meeting rooms in offices to co-working spots and canteens in schools.

De Vorm introduces Twist stools

Made to last

Extensive functionality combined with forward-looking materials makes the design of Twist relevant for years to come. The stools offer long-lasting comfort thanks to the durable steel frame and impact-resistant PET Felt seat. Made of only two elements that are riveted together, they are easy to disassemble and recycle after long use. This makes it a very sustainable option.