Introducing Mute Fraction PET Felt Acoustic Panel

Perfectly in proportion, our latest Mute panel offers a balanced look from a single piece to the complete installation.

De Vorm Mute Fraction PET Felt Acoustic Panel _Escher_Turquoise_Olive

Proportion plays a crucial role in physical spaces, defining how we perceive and experience our surroundings. The studies of architectural proportions inspired us to design Mute Fraction - acoustic panel made from PET Felt that remains perfectly in balance no matter where and how you apply it.

De Vorm Mute Fraction PET Felt Acoustic Panel desks-desk_aluPleasant proportions

To grant the ultimate level of design freedom with our new panel, we wanted to create a pattern that’s easily scalable, divisible and suitable for both horizontal and vertical use. 

Thanks to its arrhythmic pattern, Mute Fraction can be divided into segments of varying sizes and therefore be made to fit any surface. Not only such pattern makes the panel scalable to any size, it also ensures that each segment has flat edges to be seamlessly connected with the rest. 

“To create a pattern that is both arrhythmic and balanced, we’ve experimented with various proportions. The plastic number by Dom Hans van der Laan was one that proved to work exceptionally well. As a result, you see one of his basic ratio's coming back in the final design of Mute Fraction.”

Mute Fraction consists of flat sections divided by parallel ribs. While equal, repetitive ribs set a rhythm to the visual expression of the panel, the flat areas vary in width following 3:4 ratio. As suggested by Dom van der Laan, the proportions make the pattern familiar and visually comfortable. No matter whether you decide to apply the panels horizontally or vertically, Mute Fraction will remain perfectly in proportion, offering a balanced look from a single piece to the complete installation.

De Vorm Mute Fraction PET Felt Acoustic Panel cubicles-front

Aesthetic and acoustic

Made from PET Felt, Mute Fraction offers great sound-dampening properties. Thanks to its three-dimensional shape and porous structure, the panel is effective at absorbing sound waves of different frequencies. Suitable for both smaller rooms and large open spaces, Mute Fraction will bring acoustic comfort to any environment.

Solve for acoustics with Mute series

Mute Fraction is the latest addition to the Mute series, offering versatile solutions for most common acoustic challenges in public spaces. This family of PET Felt products can be tailored to the exact needs of your interior, varying from wall panels to room dividers in various types and colours. Choose your own or combine multiple solutions to create an acoustic treatment your space deserves.