Interior is Personal: Fost Lamp in 6 Unique Hospitality Worlds

Explore our latest design in six extraordinary worlds, inspired by De Vorm’s interior archetypes.

De Vorm Fost PET Felt Acoustic Lamp 00006

Same ingredients, surprising outcomes

Convinced that interior is personal, we set the framework where the same ingredients can merge into the most contrasting expressions. Every new item in our collection celebrates this individuality in its own, special way.

To let you experience the possibilities of the Fost PET Felt lamp to the fullest, we used it to design six hospitality worlds. Inspired by De Vorm’s interior personalities, these unique and varied interiors can be your source of inspiration for the next project.


Convinced that less is more, Minimalist longs for simplicity and lack of clutter. For them, beauty is simple; it lies in clean lines, neutral shades and pure functionality. Decoration is redundant, the essence is what truly matters. Minimalists know what they can do without, carefully selecting unique, crafted pieces that will serve a lifetime.


Originator dares to be different. Choosing to stand out over blending it, they know how to make a statement with everything they offer to the world. Inspired by futuristic concepts and pure innovations, Originators express themselves through intense colours, quirky shapes and fluorescent elements. Their personal space is a work of art itself.

Originator_2Design piece with personal freedom 

Like any item of our collection, Fost can be tailored to your interior’s aesthetic and functional needs. The lamp is available in 11 unique PET Felt blends and offers various lighting modes. Choose a contrasting colour to create a statement piece, or let the lamp blend in with the surroundings. Let us show you what's possible - download all six interior personalities below.

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