The Extension of Fost Series - Meet Fost Large

A unique addition to our lighting collection: Fost Large Pet Felt Acoustic Lamp. Fost Large comes with an impressive ø118 cm lampshade and high-quality spheric LED light. This new version is designed to enhance any office space with its sleek, modern design and outstanding acoustic qualities.



The Fost lamp series by De Vorm offers a combined solution for acoustics and illumination. Not only do they offer high-quality, ambient light, but also absorb the sounds, reducing noise and echo in the room. The PET Felt material lampshade has a soft texture and a bold ribbed pattern on the outside, while the inner surface features a soft white fabric. Enveloping the LED module, the fabric gently disperses the light, granting an inviting sensation of privacy and calmness to everyone under the lamp.

Choose your own

The Fost series offers three options to choose from - Fost, Fost Bulb and Fost Large, which is unique in its kind with an extensive diameter of 118 cm.

"The way the light source stretches the fabric resembles the visual representation of how heavy objects stretch the Fabric Of SpaceTime - hence the name "Fost". 

- Daniël van Paesschen, Product Designer at De Vorm 

PET Felt technology

The lampshades of the Fost lamps are made of PET Felt - a sustainable and durable material manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. This technology brings many production steps down to a single moulding action, allowing to press of a plain sheet of felt into practically any imaginable form. With the Fost series, we have created a unique ribbed pattern on the lampshade, dictating its bold visual identity. This unique shape also adds sturdiness to the lamp and creates substantial volume, much needed for an acoustic lamp.


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