Adjustable Lighting For Any Context: Meet the Pivot Series

Exploring versatile functionality of our new lighting series in a conversation with De Vorm Design Team.

De Vorm - Pivot PET Felt Adjustable Lamp Duo setting 4

Choose your angle

“Pivot started with the idea to create a lamp that is versatile in its expression as well as in use,” tells Daniel van Paesschen, Senior Product Designer at De Vorm. “We always leave it to the architect to decide how the final product looks, by making our designs customisable. With this new lamp, we also wanted to offer extra freedom in its application, by incorporating a dynamic element into the design.”

Pivot lamp features an aluminium rail with a split PET Felt cap around it. Thanks to the rotatable fixture, the cap can be set into 5 positions to adjust the direction of light.

“The cap “pivots” around the rail, adding extra flexibility to how the lamp is applied.”

Smart materials

The cap is pressed from PET Felt in one piece, resulting in a unique bell shape and soft, textured appearance. PET Felt creates visual contrast with a lightweight aluminium rail that carries the lampshade.

“Pivot is an innovative design meeting the requirements of modern architectural lighting. To ensure that, we have developed a custom LED engine emitting high-quality, dimmable light. Following the split in the cap, the LED module is divided into two semicircles gently casting the light down.”

De Vorm - Pivot PET Felt Adjustable Lamp Single 2

Versatile light for any occasion

Pivot series brings high-quality, functional light to any space. The lamp comes in two variants - single and duo, that work equally well on their own as well as in various compositions. Additionally, both options are available in 11 PET Felt blends and 2 colour temperatures to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of any interior.

“Point the lamp on different areas or objects to accentuate them, or create a custom lighting installation by experimenting with colours and positioning.”

Combining inherent flexibility with a playful and dynamic appearance, Pivot is suitable for various contexts in offices, restaurants and social spaces.

De Vorm - Pivot PET Felt Adjustable Lamp Single setting 4