8 Products To Improve Restaurant Acoustics

No one can ignore the cacophony that defines the modern restaurant. Or if you are working on a new restaurant design, you’ll need to take acoustics into consideration. In this article, we will show you several options of PET Felt application to improve acoustics.

8 Products That Improve Restaurant Acoustics

PET Felt acoustic panels to improve restaurant acoustics

Go big or go home, that is the motto when you are working on acoustics. Large, reflective surfaces like floors, walls and ceilings have the biggest impact on reverberation time. Basically, sound needs to be absorbed, otherwise it will just keep bouncing  back and forth, a.k.a. reverberation. 
Our acoustic panels made from recycled PET Felt offer great sound-absorbing qualities. When used on walls and ceilings, these panels absorb the sound waves preventing them from travelling through a space. When these panels are mounted with a gap or on top of other materials their acoustic values drastically improves.

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Mute Flow PET Felt Acoustic Panel

The Mute Flow PET Felt panel is a ready-to-use solution for both acoustic and aesthetic purposes. Incorporate it in the design from the start and retrofit it later as you please. Due to the wool-like structure of PET Felt, Mute Flow offers a soft and warm look. Suitable for co-working spaces and public areas such as restaurants and hotels.

Mute Flow PET Felt panel is available in 11 appealing colours. 

8 Products To Improve Restaurant AcousticsMute Fit PET Felt Acoustic Panel

The Mute Fit panel is developed after the Mute Flow. We noticed that sometimes the Mute Flow couldn't make a nice corner or door opening. We made an algorithm with a special curtain-like pattern. The pattern ensures that any piece cut out of the panel could have flat edges. In this way, the pieces of any width can be seamlessly connected with the rest of the installation.   

8 Products To Improve Restaurant AcousticsMute Flat PET Felt Acoustic Panel 

Apply Mute panels on the walls to reduce noise where it’s needed the most. A perfect solution for offices, open places and restaurants. Also great in combination as a base with our Mute Flow and Mute Fit panels, for even better noise reduction. 

8 Products To Improve Restaurant AcousticsCreate intimate spots with acoustic room dividers

Room dividers allow you to add instant privacy in a larger space. With these flexible solutions, it's easy to create intimate dining spots and maintain a sense of togetherness. Such dividers will also benefit your restaurant acoustically, as many people consider too much noise a serious issue when they dine out. Moreover, flexible dividers also allow you to easily adjust the floor plan, reconfigure the seating and create routing in the passages.

Mute Flow PET Felt Room Divider

We designed a special stand for the Mute Flow Panel. With this stand, it is easy to shield yourself from distractions. Such freestanding partitions will bring structure to any open space. Ideal for creating privacy.

8 Products To Improve Restaurant Acoustics AK 3 + 4 PET Felt Room Dividers

Freestanding AK 3 + 4 PET Felt Room Dividers are a great option to instantly tackle acoustic problems. The dividers are made of PET Felt and acoustic foam, making them easy to move around. With our special fixture, it is also possible to hang them and create a baffle ceiling.

AK 3+4 come in two sizes, several hanging and standing options and of course in 11 unique PET Felt blends. 


Ceiling solutions for better acoustics

In open-plan restaurants, another commonly overlooked issue is ceiling. Exposed ceilings are popular nowadays, but they don't bode well for acoustics. The sound waves can easily bounce off the hard area and travel further through a room, causing excessive reverberation.

Acoustic PET Felt Baffles

In restaurants with hard and reflective ceilings, it is essential to trap the sound waves before they can reach it. PET Felt Baffles do just that - thanks to a large absorbing surface with air gaps in between, they offer a universal ceiling treatment. Not only do they take care of acoustics, but also benefit the interior aesthetically. Baffles are especially effective in spaces with low ceiling, where sound waves are more likely to reach it.

8 Products To Improve Restaurant AcousticsMute Flow Floating Acoustic Panel

Mute Flow Floating is designed to combat noise in open-plan interiors. Made from PET Felt, this acoustic panel is ceiling-suspended, minimising the floor-to-ceiling slap echo. Moreover, you can adjust the height and play with positioning to create your own custom hanging installation. 

8 Products To Improve Restaurant Acoustics

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