LJ Series featured in Goods 2

Instead of just filling a book with new products, Goods 2 takes design publishing a step further; 46 iconic design products are analysed and featured from conceptual design sketch to realisation. And that’s not all. This huge book also shows international reference projects where these products have been used successfully.


About Goods 2

After the first publication about our PET Technology in GOODS I, the second edition focusses on the LJ Series. Order the book here at Frame Publishers.

De Vorm’s first venture into PET Technology, the POD PET Felt Privacy chair, was released in 2011. Applications like Onde acoustic wall panels and the AK 1 workspace dividers were subsequently developed in order to delve into PET felt’s full potential. After an extended period of research and experimentation with the new material, the Dutch product design company perfected their use of PET felt and begun working on a new collection, the LJ series.


LJ Series by De Vorm 

Created by Amsterdam-based designer Laurens van Wieringen, the three chairs are made up of a felt seat and metal frame. The use of PET felt, a recycled, recyclable, UV stabilised, and long-lasting material means that a series of traditional steps in the production line are made redundant, with the manufacturing virtually coming down to a single, smart 3D pressing technique. Soft fibres extracted from recycled PET bottles are weaved into thin layers of felt which are then pressed into thicker sheets that are introduced into the seat moulds. Thanks to the efficient 3D pressing method, the felt comes out firm and strong in the final shape of the seat, which is placed on a straightforward bent and welded metal frame. The result is a simple, comfortable and striking design whose sustainable material lends it a soft, natural touch and sound dampening properties. 

Despite being produced in Europe, the simple, innovative manufacturing techniques and use of PET felt makes the LJ series an affordable design product. In January 2015, the series was awarded the title of Best of Best during the Interior Innovation Awards in Cologne, where judges defined it as ‘economic’ and ‘full of character’.