Frame Award winner: Studio Alexander Fehre featuring De Vorm

And the Frame Award goes to... Studio Alexander Fehre for the new Bosch Office: winner of 'Large Office of the Year'! We asked Fehre to share his contemporary and future vision concerning office design.



Fehre: 'The biggest challenge is developing workplaces that truly serve long-term user needs and reflect the company values. Nowadays it's a necessity to not only follow trends and client requests but to also satisfy the needs of the end-users as well.'

'Nowadays it’s a necessity to not only follow trends and client requests but to also satisfy the needs of the end-users as well.’

Design Approach of Alexander Fehre 

Fehre’s approach in design incorporates a deep understanding of their client, their values, cultures and the users’ needs. The key factors in designing successfully are; asking enough questions to reach a complete impression and to allow the conceptual, design and structural answers to follow afterwards.

Future Office

In the era where human behaviours are merging with technology, creativity will become even more important – says Fehre.
'Repetitive things still need to be solved and we will need a workspace that is attuned to us. In the same way that we are now designing offices with a sense of home. Future offices will become even more multifunctional and retail and office spaces will likely become far less divided. It’s about mixing the typologies into one connected space.'

’We should embrace humanity and diversity because we are entering a new era where we have the tools to start a new utopia.'



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About FRAME Award

FRAME Awards honours outstanding interior projects for their innovation, creativity and contribution to the design industry. International jury members from top experts select from more than 1,000 submitted projects. A comprehensive approach that honours both the best interior project in the world and the designers.

Event Frame Awards 2019
Interior Architect Studio Alexander Fehre
Photography Jeannette Huisman
Featured products Nook, Arnhem Sofa, LJ Series, Big Table, Musette and AK's