De Vorm x Orgatec 2018

Many thanks to everybody who visited our stand at Orgatec 2018!


This Orgatec we celebrated our commitments to modularity, sustainability and customizability. Our vision incorporates these key words into three themes and launches several new products in our Orgatec 2018 booth design. From Bottle to Chair, Blend in or Stand out and Big, Bigger, Biggest were expressed through a visual exploration of rich colour nuances and materials.

Colour took the lead in our exhibition. Through monotone palettes, we explored the personality of colours — including our own unique PET Felt colour blends as a leitmotiv.

Explore our world of vibrant colours and playful moods.

de-vorm-orgatec-2018-from-bottle-to-chair-01de-vorm-orgatec-2018-blend-in-or-stand-out-01De-Vorm-Orgatec-2018-PET-Felt-Nook-Chair-Yellow-XLNew Colour: Hello Yellow

This Orgatec we introduced our newest PET Felt colour: Yellow. Yellow stands for playfulness, energy, optimism and innovation. Traditionally yellow is only used as an accent, we, however, apply it throughout the entire room to create a bright and vibrant statement. Creating the juxtaposition where the use of yellow can achieve both effects making it Blend in yet also Stand out.



New In: Big Round Table

The Big Family recently expanded with a round version to create an equal setting. A friendly way to be seated, as formal or informal as you wish. Just like the rest of our Big Collection, the Big Round is also highly customizable.

Photography Ilco Kemmere