De Vorm Introduces Soft Distancing

It’s time to reimagine the spaces we live in. In the past year, we've learnt to use our physical environments differently. Now, more than ever, our health and personal space are of paramount importance. In order to create a safe framework that will bring us together again, the necessary regulations are in place.


Social distancing etiquette has shaped the spaces we live and work in. But, regardless of all the transformations, we firmly believe that coming back to the office, school or restaurant has to remain a pleasant experience. Nobody will feel that way in an empty, almost sterile place full of plexiglass, warnings and imposed separations. We need to create a soft and warm environment where everybody stays safe yet connected and gets that much-needed distance without feeling isolated.

To facilitate your return to normal, we are happy to introduce Soft Distancing. With Soft Distancing, we offer you an alternative approach to reconfiguring social environments, proving that distancing can be both safe and pleasant.

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AK series, your tool for Soft Distancing

The AK series brings Soft Distancing to your office, school and restaurant. This set of flexible solutions will become a new must-have in the architects’ toolbox. With its distinctive gentle look, soft texture and a variety of options, the AK series will benefit your interior in many ways. Not only will it help you implement the current distancing rules, but also remain relevant and serve users for years to come.

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Soft Distancing in the office

With social distancing being the norm of our daily lives, it's time to rethink the way we work. While it's clear that the physical workplace is not going to disappear anytime soon, it will require a number of amendments to make sure people feel safe when they decide to return.

People spend most of the working day at their desks, so these have to be reconsidered first. With desk partitions, maintaining distance at all times becomes easier. Not only do they offer some privacy for focused work, but also create a gentle physical shield. Workplace dividers allow people to share a desk like they used to, maintaining the feeling of togetherness without compromising employees’ safety.

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AK 1 Workplace Divider

Open-plan offices will require some redesign as well. However, it doesn’t mean that we have to go back to the boring cubicles. It’s possible to create a clear division of zones and somehow preserve the open character of space with flexible room partitions. These ready-to-use solutions offer a quick fix for physical distancing. It’s no longer needed to bring up the walls between workstations, common areas and meeting spots. Applying room dividers in high-traffic areas allow you to direct the people flow in a subtle and natural manner.

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AK 3+4 Room Dividers

Another challenge facing modern offices is striking the right balance between collaboration and distancing. On one hand, it’s essential to keep common areas bringing people together. Shared spaces, such as informal meeting rooms and co-working zones, are likely to remain in demand. On another side, however, these spaces need to be redesigned following the social distancing rules.

Adding flexible dividers to shared desks makes it possible to bring people together and yet stay safe. They are easy to install and move around, so you can reconfigure the setup depending on the needs of users. This way, your meeting room can serve as an on-demand workstation, allowing you to safely accommodate more people in the office. It’s also a great solution if you don’t have an assigned desk for everyone.


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AK 1 Workplace Divider
AK 2 Workplace Divider Lamp

Soft Distancing in restaurants

In cafés and restaurants, creating social distancing is even trickier. Not only because these very places are intended to bring people together, but also because the great customer experience can be easily disrupted by some necessary restrictions. Not everyone will feel comfortable seeing warning signs while trying to enjoy the moment. After all, that’s what going to a restaurant is all about - enjoying, so it has to remain pleasant despite the social distancing measures. Keep in mind that the line between privacy and isolation is very subtle. Many people wouldn’t mind some intimacy in a busy restaurant, but nobody wants to feel boxed in.

devorm-21014-restaurant-seat02So, which practical steps can you take, while still delivering a great customer experience? In addition to limiting the seating capacity and spacing tables out, consider adding the space dividers in between. This way, you can create intimate dining spots and maintain a sense of togetherness. Such dividers will also benefit your restaurant acoustically, as many people consider too much noise a serious issue when they dine out. Moreover, flexible dividers also allow you to easily adjust the floor plan, reconfigure the seating and create routing in the passages.

website_devorm-21014-cafe-tablesProduct tip:
AK 3+4 Room Dividers

Soft Distancing in public places

Practically any public place can benefit from the Soft Distancing. Measures like flow regulation and physical barriers can now take an inviting shape. Unlike temporary plexiglass solutions, the AK family will retain their design value and offer benefits to users in the long term.

Among some other useful applications are the counters and reception desks. Sometimes, plexiglass or floor tape might not be the best choice - especially if you would like to preserve the aesthetics of your interior. In this case, room dividers from the AK series come in handy. They are available in various formats and colours to become a fine addition to the design.

website_devorm-21014-standing-counter-angledProduct tip: 
AK 3+4 Room Dividers

In other public places, such as libraries and schools, AK series can be just as useful. Large desks can still be safely used by multiple people. As a bonus, the sound-dampening effect of workplace dividers will facilitate focus and concentration. You can also opt for the 2-in-1 workplace divider and lamp. This smart product offers desk partitioning and dual workplace lighting, making it ideal for study desks.


Product tip:
AK 3+4 Workplace Dividers

Whatever you choose, Soft Distancing with the AK series will help you create a safe and pleasant setting for bringing people together. Not only does it offer an immediate solution for social distancing measures, but also provides additional benefits and a long-lasting design value.

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